Currently located in Brussels (BE)

Versatility is a virtue and Kuba’s record collection is just that: versatile. Engaging with an audience is his first focus. His sound will differ from set to set, juggling tempos and moods, Kuba has what it takes to translate his own story to the dancefloor. 

From heavy-hitting peak time slots to subtle warm ups: whether the set demands soaring breaks from the era of the infamous warehouse raves or a mellow pattern of soothing ambient pads, Kuba will be able to find the answer in his record bag.


Passionate about the development and importance of a cities nightlife, Kuba is heavily involved in nacht, Stelplaats and Habitat. Next to that he gained lots of experience backlining and stage managing for some major festivals. Kuba doesn’t only hang around at (back)stages and dj booths, you can also find him behind the stove, cooking up non-musical goodness and writing up articles for Not So Difficult magazine.